Marble Coffee Table For Living Room To Tie Together Your Space

Sometimes it can be hard to make sure your living room ties together cohesively. Marble Coffee tables are often one of the easiest ways to do this, but it’s easy to get wrong when you’re trying different styles and patterns. So how do you ensure that you’ve got the best Marble coffee tables for your living room? To start, it’s good to figure out the overall color scheme of your living room. Coffee tables are one of the few pieces in a room that stand out enough for you to tell what their color is. If both your walls and your coffee table are blue, you’re going to have an incredibly hard time getting anyone to think that they go together. You can try mixing and matching patterns or you can even alternate the color of your coffee table every other month! Coffee tables are one of the easiest ways to freshen up your living room, so it’s okay if you’re using them as a way to express yourself. You’ll also want to figure out whether you’re going for a formal look or a casual feel. Coffee tables aren’t always necessary in a space, but they do come in handy when you have people over that need somewhere to set their cup.  It shouldn’t be too hard to pick up a table from the store and bring it home. Once you’ve got your coffee table, make sure that all of your other furniture fits around it. Coffee tables are often large enough to get in the way if they’re sticking off into space.

Different Kinds of Coffee Table

There is a wide range of types of coffee tables in the market. Some types include the classic coffee table, the pedestal style, and the storage side table and Marble coffee table . Not only this, but you also have to think about size and material when purchasing a type for your living room or family room. The right types of coffee tables can add a touch of style to your living room or family room, while the wrong types of coffee tables might look awkward and out-of-place. In this article, we shall have a quick overview of the types of coffee tables available in the market.When purchasing a coffee table, you have to consider its style: is it regular, irregular, oval-shaped, round, square, rectangular, classic, or pedestal? You should also think about its size: is it small enough for your living room or family room, and finally, its material. Tables made from wood, metal, glass, or plastic? Remember, coffee table materials vary a lot: oak, maple, and walnut, pine, cedar, and so on.

Some of the kinds available in the market are:


The classic coffee table is the type of coffee table that most people think of when they picture a traditional-style coffee table. Classic types of coffee tables come in a wide range of sizes and shapes: round, square, and rectangular. They can be at their best in an entryway, living room, or even the family room. They are getting popular all around the world for providing a nice place to put your personal effects down.


A pedestal style coffee table is one that has three legs; two at the front and one at the back for support. Pedestal types of coffee tables come in a wide range: round, square, and rectangular types. They are usually taller than most coffee table types. This style of coffee table has no real purpose other than to make the room look visually appealing.


A beam-style coffee table is one that has a beam or plank-like top with several legs made of beams, planks, or slabs. These are usually placed against walls and act as side tables while making the area more appealing aesthetically. They come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes – round, square, rectangular – depending on what look you want to achieve in your space.


This is another common type of coffee table available today; it includes drawers or shelves where you can place an assortment of objects such as magazines, books, or even your TV remotes.


Generally, when we speak about classic-style tables, we usually mean that they’re made from wood and not metal. It is because the solid wood material gives it a cleaner and more elegant look. Nowadays, coffee tables with glass tops are increasing in popularity, so much so that many people can’t imagine their lifestyles without them. The best thing about glass-topped coffee tables is the fact that they have a bit of almost everything! You get to choose whether you want a classy or a modern one, depending on what your needs are at any given point in time.


A round practical type coffee table is also perfect for saving space or if you just prefer a lower sitting surface than the normal coffee table height. I know most of you are thinking that these tables barely fit our legs considering they’re so low to the ground, but don’t worry because there are various types of leg designs out there that can be adjusted depending on how high or low you want them.


The lift coffee table design has a hydraulic mechanism that allows it to adjust its height without any tools required. It also provides more storage space under the lift top than standard designs. They are pretty expensive, so the chances of someone buying them are slim unless they’re on their last legs. The lift-top coffee table design is perfect for those who want to have quick access to items stored underneath the table without having to move it from its current position. People who own a small home or apartment usually buy these kinds of tables because they occupy less space and can be turned into a dining table in a pinch.



Coffee tables are made up of different materials like wood, metal, glass, plastic, or marble. Different coffee table materials will provide different looks, so be sure to check out the coffee table materials before choosing one. Another important thing when selecting the material of the coffee table is its effects, appearance, style, and durability


When choosing the coffee table, its shape is also an important factor in determining the coffee table size and type; there are several coffee table shapes you can choose from, such as square, circular, rectangle, or oval. However, if your house or apartment has a small space, then round coffee tables may not be suitable for your home.


Before deciding on coffee table height, you should first decide what purposes certain coffee tables will serve in your living room or family room. There are two main categories of coffee table types: low types and high types. Low-type coffee tables are suitable where you want to read or play, while high-type coffee tables are intended for coffee tables where you want to serve coffee.


The size of the coffee table depends on the coffee table’s shape and. Square coffee tables are usually smaller than round coffee tables because they don’t take as much room as a round coffee table would.  Rectangular coffee tables provide more space for activities such as eating or working on crafts. Coffee tables are available in many different sizes – small coffee tables, large coffee tables, and even extra-large coffee tables.  Small coffee tables are often 18 inches high or less, seat two people comfortably, and are designed to accommodate beverages and books only. Large coffee tables on other hand come with all kinds of storage options such as drawers and shelves.  This coffee table can be used to store items such as remotes, books, and magazines.


  1. Leick Coastal Oval Coffee Table with Shelf, Kiwi Green
  2. POLY & BARK Riley Marble Round Coffee Table, Walnut
  3. Teraves Industrial Coffee Table for Living Room,Round Coffee Table with Storage Shelf,Modern Coffee Table with Metal Frame,Easy Assembly
  4. Henn&Hart Round coffee table, Gold, 17″ H x 36″ L x 36″ W
  5. GreenForest Coffee Table Round 35.8″ Industrial 2-Tier Sofa Table with Storage Open Shelf and Metal Legs for Living Room (Brown)
  6. Emerald Home Chandler Rustic Industrial Solid Wood and Steel Coffee Table with Open Shelf
  7. White Marble Round Coffee Table for Living Room, Bedroom and Office, Modern Cocktail Table
  8. Gezen Round Coffee Table with storage  for Living Room, 2-Tier Modern

1-Leick Coastal Oval Coffee Table with Shelf, Kiwi Green


This elegant oval coffee table is a perfect fit for smaller spaces. The solid wood drawer box and bottom display shelf make it the ideal choice for living rooms, family rooms, dens, or offices. In addition to its functional features, this coffee table has a warm kiwi green finish that will complement any decor. The Leick Coastal Oval Coffee Table with Shelf is a perfect fit for smaller spaces. Its smooth kiwi green finish complements any decor, while its solid hardwood construction makes it durable enough to last through the year. This coffee table with shelf is a compact scale, fit for smaller spaces as well. The oval shape keeps to itself and is easy to move around. A solid wood drawer box, a bottom display shelf, and solid hardwood construction are just some of the features that make this table a great addition to your home.


Product Dimension 36″L 23.5 W” 19 H”  
Color Kiwi Green  
Style Coffee Table  
Frame Material Wood  


2-POLY & BARK Riley Marble Round Coffee Table, Walnut

The Riley Marble Round Coffee Table is a striking centerpiece for your living room. Its 14mm thick sealed marble top provides the perfect surface for displaying decorative items. The American white oak with a walnut finish base creates a beautiful contrast, while its round shape makes it an excellent option for smaller spaces. The thick, marble top of this round coffee table ensures that it lasts for decades to come. This table is not only functional but also stylish, making it the perfect addition to your living room or dining space. It measures 30 inches in diameter, so you can easily place drinks and other items on top of it without worrying about them falling off accidentally


Product Dimension 31.5 “L 31.5 W” 14 H”  
Color Walnut  
Style Round  
Material Walnut, Wood Marble  

3- Teraves Industrial Coffee Table for Living Room

Thiscoffee table is a modern coffee table with storage, made of wood and metal, which comes in a caramel color. It has a round shape, and the top can be used as a serving tray. The bottom shelf can store magazines, books, or other items. This table will add elegance to your living room setting along with its functionality and modern industrial design. This coffee table can be a stylish addition to any contemporary living space, which features an elegant design that blends seamlessly into any decorating style and is space-saving.


Product Dimension 35.8″L 18.1 W” 91H”  
Color Carmel  
Style Modern  
Material Metal, Wood  

4- Henn&Hart Round coffee table-Gold

Henn &Hart Round coffee table in gold is the perfect addition to any living room. The hand-crafted gold finish is applied to the steel frame and gives a great look in the area. This stylish piece of furniture can be used for storing books, magazines, and other items. It can easily be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth; no harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning materials. This round coffee table is perfect for any room in your home. The round shape gives it an open feeling that allows you to entertain friends and family comfortably while keeping things neat and organized at the same time. The round shape fits perfectly into smaller spaces, but don’t let the size fool you – this table has plenty of room to display everything from a vase of flowers to a stack of magazines.


Product Dimension 17 “L 36 W”36H”  
Color Gold  
Style Modern – Contemporary  
Material Glass  

5-GreenForest Coffee Table Round Industrial 2-Tier Sofa Table with Storage

The Green Forest Coffee Table is a space-saving coffee table that provides you with more storage room. The two-layer shelf provides ample space for placing your daily essentials nearby. It’s made of P2 particle board, which has good physical properties compared to MDF material. It is waterproof and heat resistant, and you can even put hot coffee on it. The surface of this table top not only has a vivid wood appearance but is most suitable for a living room or office. A two-tier design can give you more storage space to keep your daily essentials close at hand.


Product Dimension 35.83 “L 35.83W 18.11″H”  
Color Walnut  
Style Industrial  
Material Wood  

6-Emerald Home Chandler Rustic Industrial Solid Wood and Steel Coffee Table with Open Shelf

This coffee table is a great addition to your home; it features an open bottom shelf for storage and a top surface that can be used as a serving tray or catch-all space. The table top has been left unfinished so you can easily apply your own finish, stain, paint, or sealer to match your existing decor. The metal accents add a modern touch to this rustic coffee table. The table top is made from solid wood with an Eco-friendly water-based finish that protects the wood from moisture and gives it an attractive appearance. This distressed wood coffee table with metal accents instantly adds a natural, rustic look to your living space. The open bottom shelf provides extra storage for books, magazines, and other items you want within easy reach. The floor protectors included with this table help prevents wear and tear on your carpet or hardwood floors.


Product Dimension 48″L 24W ” 18H”  
Color Pine Brown  
Style Cocktail Table  
Material Wood  

7-White Marble Round Coffee Table for Living Room, Bedroom and Office, Modern Cocktail Table

This coffee table features a sturdy base of metal tubing that supports the top. Its round shape is ideal for small spaces, while its legs are crossed at the center to create an interesting visual texture. The top has a smooth surface that can double as a display area or serve as a catchall for magazines and other items. The white round coffee table with a white marble top is designed with a modern flair in mind. This minimalist yet stylish coffee table brings sunshine into your living room, bedroom or office. Its simple and minimalist design allows it to blend in seamlessly with any home decor. It has a bright white finish that adds a warm feeling to any space. This coffee table is also easy to clean, so you can keep it neat all the time.


Product Dimension 31.5″L 31.5W ” 18.3 H”  
Color White  
Style Modern  
Material Metal – Wood  

8-Gezen Round Coffee Table with storage for Living Room, 2-Tier Modern

This coffee table provides ample storage space with a spacious metal open shelf below. You can place frequently-used or bigger items on it, such as books, magazines, and glasses. The frame of this round coffee table is made of high quality steel tubes, which makes it fit into any type of interior decorating styles such as contemporary, classic or minimalist. This marble round coffee table with storage with its unique design and features along with metal open shelve below looks great in any place of your home. It can match with any style of living room, bedroom and office as a coffee table, side table, end table, sofa table or wine table, etc. its safe round design prevents children from being scratched when running around any corner of the house.

Product Dimension 35.4″L 35.4W ” 17.9H”  
Color White Marble  
Style Modern  
Material Metal – Wood – Marble  

Marble Coffee Table

Marble is a popular material for coffee tables because it is durable and easy to clean. However, marble is a porous material, so it can stain easily. 

Our Top Pick in Marble Coffee Table 

1-WiberWi Round Marble Coffee Table Black Coffee Tables for Living Room

2-HLR Round  Marble Coffee Table 

3-WOHOMO  Marble Coffee Table, White Marble Nesting Coffee Table Set

4-POLY & BARK Riley Marble  Coffee Table Round, Walnut

5-Garden 4 you White Marble Coffee Table 

Final Thoughts 

The best coffee tables are the ones that have plenty of storage space, so you can tuck away all your belongings. If you’re looking for a table with lots of drawers, consider buying an oak or mahogany wood one to avoid having scratches on it from metal and glass objects. You should also choose a sturdy material like solid wood to make sure it doesn’t wobble when people sit on it. Finally, pick something neutral in style – such as brown or white – if you plan on adding colorful accents throughout the rest of your home decor.

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