Best Electric Kettle to Buy In 2022-23 With Automatic Shuts Off Function

Electric Kettles are one of the most commonly used appliances in our home, whether you want to heat up the water for tea, coffee or even to make the faster pasta. You can get the boiling water in the matter of minutes as compare to using the microwave or the stove top. Most of the electric kettles comes with the variable setting of heating so you know the exactly the temperature. The automatically shut off function of the electric kettle makes easier, for you to walk away without having any risk. Today most of the electric kettles come with the perks for committed what kind of drink you want to make e.g. tea or coffee, as electric kettle boil water faster than the conventional style kettle and they are also quicker and quieter as compare to conventional kettle. In the last decade or so most of the people switched from the conventional whistling kettle towards the electric kettle which is now seen in every counterpart because of it convenience in heating water more quickly and its auto shutdown system to make the coffee and instant drinks . When deciding which electric kettle is best to buy the main concern must be what purpose you are going to use it, as if you are looking to use the electric kettle to make coffee than you must go for the models which have goose neck which are good for the precise pouring.


Q: Why do we need electric kettle?

An: An electric kettle is very handy to use in our daily busy life which makes our work easy without taking much time to have fresh tea or coffee

 Q: What is the importance use of electric kettle?

An: The most common use of the electric kettle is to boil water not only for making tea or coffee but for making some delicious pasta or any other instant beverage which need hot water. 

Q: Can we boil milk in electric kettle?

An: Yes it’s safe to boil milk in the electric kettle, but for that you have to keep on eye before it reaches at the boiling point as some of the electric kettles are not designed to work on auto shut down function for boiling milk.   

Q: Should we clean electric kettle every day?

No, it’s not necessary to clean your electric kettle every single day, but it’s better to clean it at least after every four weeks.

Q: What features must we look before buying electric kettle?

An: Well that depends for what purpose you are buying electric kettle, the most important things are

  • Auto Shuts off function
  • Water Gauge
  • Material
  • Ease in Use

I will discuss above and some more important factors at the end of this article in detail which will give some more brief how to buy good electric kettle.  

As buying the good electric kettle need some research, as well which we have done for you already and made a list of 10 best electric kettles on the basis of user review and ease from which you can choose one according to your budget and need.

Our Top Pick

1 Mueller Ultra Kettle: Model No. M99S 1500W Electric Kettle with Speed Boil Tech, 1.8 Liters

The Mueller Ultra Kettle is made with the good quality glass which lasts for life time, its high quality thermostats along with auto shutdown function makes this kettle more reliable. At temperature of 160F boiling water you can make it safer to drink fast and be ready to use for tea, coffee, pasta and much more. As water does not lose its energy when boiling, and since its shutoff automatically and you will be able to utilize it promptly. This electric kettle is also energy-efficient than the other appliances like microwave  or the electric stove top which saves your time, as you can get the boiling water in the matter of minutes. Mueller Ultra Kettle is completely cordless when off from the base and its clear glass body gives it an ideal look for precise measuring of water to make perfect tea or coffee.


WATTAGE : 1500 W  
  • • Heats up so quickly
  • • Blue LED lets you know the water is boiling
  • • Adjustable Cord
  • • Lid is not much Flexible
  • • Cleaning is difficult

2- Ovente Portable Electric Glass Kettle 1.5 Liter with Blue LED Light and Stainless Steel Base

The Ovente KG series electric kettles comes with variety in 8 different colors, to choose from including black, white, red, pink, orange, purple, maroon and red  according to your counterpart needs and look. Its LED blue light looks attractive when the kettle is in uses which quickly bring water to a rolling boil in a matter of minutes to use it for the coffee, tea, or instant soup. This kettle comes with an auto shuts off function once the temperature is reached at its maximum boiling point. It also flip back lid style of opening that opens with the one touch and is wide enough to make it convenient for the filling and cleaning as well.  The manufacturers of  Ovnte ElectricKettle offers  two years warranties under its normal use and conditions from the its purchase date. 


WATTAGE : 1100 W  
  • • Heats water quickly
  • • Gives good Look on Counter part
  • • Led Indicator shows water boiling point
  • • Easy in Cleaning
  • • Opening Lid is small to Pour Water
  • • There is Gap between Lid and Glass

3- OVENTE Electric Kettle 1.7 Liter Hot Water Boiler LED Light 1100

The OVENTE electric kettle can boils full 1.7 liter pot of water in less than 6 minutes which makes this kettle more efficient than the traditional stove top kettles by reducing the electricity use. This kettle has auto shuts off function when the temperature reaches its maximum boiling point to make it safer for the use. Ovente cordless kettles are famous for their durability and style. Not only does it look great with its trendy colors, it is designed to last long too! It has a concealed heating element that extends your kettles Life as compared with the non- concealed.


WATTAGE : 1100 W  
  • • Easy to clean filter that eliminates lime scale deposits.
  • • Automatic Shuts -0ff and boil dry protection
  • • Handle and button stay cool
  • • Plenty of color option to choose from
  • • The LED indicator let you know weather kettle is on or off
  • • At High altitudes the auto shuts off function fail to work
  • • There is inability to reach some corner when cleaning it

4Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric kettle, 1.7 L, Silver

This electric kettle has six different heats setting which allows in making your favourite drink e.g. coffee or tea at the right temperature. This Cordless Kettle has control panel also offers blue LED indicators, a start button, and a keep warm button, which will maintain the set temperature for 30 minutes. Another good feature of this electric kettle is that its non –slips handle which stays cool during the heating and there is separate open button for lifting the lid. To see the exact measurement there is blue back lit water window with the measurement mark, so you can use the boil the desired amount of water as needed.


WATTAGE : 1500 W  
  • • There are 6 labeled temperature settings, from coffee to oolong tea that makes the brew so much easier to get the exact temp needed.
  • • 36 inches long chord length
  • • 1500 Watt power offers fast operation
  • • 360-degree swivel base allows the kettle to connect at any angle
  • • It is also very heavy even before you add any water
  • • Lid cannot be removed for inside cleaning

5- COSORI Electric Gooseneck Smart Bluetooth Temperature Control 5 Variable Presets Pour Over Kettle & Coffee Kettle

This smart electric kettle can be controlled by using the free VeSync app by which you can adjust your kettle’s temperature, change the Hold Temp time and schedule when you want your water to boil. The COSORI Gooseneck kettles have 4 precise features of temperature setting which allows you brewed just right as you need. This smart kettle also has the hold temperature function that keeps the water at same temperature up to 60 minutes. It has auto shut down function along with boil dry function by which this kettle turns off when it detects there is no water inside. Its unique shape allows for steady water flow every time you pour. The handle is designed to make pouring steadier and more comfortable


CAPACITY : 0.8 L  
WATTAGE : 1200 W  
  • • Can be controlled by an app (VeSync)
  • • Fast boiling water in 3-5 Minutes
  • • Hold Temperature function that keeps water at the same temperature for 60 minutes
  • • easy to clean and to pour
  • • Heating element is large
  • • Holding Water capacity is low

6-BELLA 1.5 Liter Electric Ceramic Tea Kettles with Boil Dry Protection & Detachable Swivel Base, Blue Aztec

The BELLA electric kettle can boil water faster as compare to use the microwave or traditional stove top with its 1350 Watt heating element. This kettle features automatic shut off and boil dry protection with a concealed heating element for maximum safety. A long gooseneck-style spout is ideal for controlled pours and avoiding dangerous over pours. This kettle has very nice look which can be placed in the countertop or in the living room to boil water in less time for the tea, coffee or instant soup.


CAPACITY : 1.5 L  
WATTAGE : 1200 W  
  • • Safe heating with dry boil protection
  • • Detachable base with cord storage
  • • Heats water quickly
  • • It includes a completely removable 360-degree power base
  • For cordless pouring
  • • Heavy in handling

7- Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle Auto shuts off 1.7 Liter Clear Glass

Hamilton Beach electric kettle makes your morning easier to make the instant tea or coffee in a matter of minutes as compare to the microwave or from the stove top kettle. The automatic shutoff feature with boil dry protection keeps the kettle from scorching. The easy pour spout comes with a removable mesh filter to keep scale deposits from leaving the kettle. Once you have selected the desire temperature setting for your drink its blue illuminating lights lets you know that hot water is ready to use. Anti-scale mesh filters around the lip of the kettle keeps the water taste at its best and ease in cleaning. 


CAPACITY : 1.7 L  
WATTAGE : 1500 W  
  • • Built in mesh filter
  • • Auto Shuts off function with the boil dry protection
  • • Easy in cleaning because of its wide opening
  • • The kettle can be removed from its base and carried anywhere hot water is needed
  • • Glass quality is not so good

8- Dmo Fwhi Gooseneck Electric Kettle Stainless Steel

The Goose-neck electric kettle comes in unique designed which provides the water flow with the entire pouring angle. This electric kettle comes with steamer holes which also maintain good circulation inside the kettle when it is heating up. Its 1360 W heating system takes only five minutes to boil water which can use to make your desired drink. The Non-slip design of the base of this electric kettle provides the perfect place on the table which is always safe to boil water. This small electric kettle can boil hot water whether you want a large pour-over brew or a full pot of your favorite tea or coffee. The Dmo Fwhi electric kettle has a red indicator light to inform you of the working status at the bottom. It will be on when the kettle is boiling water, and automatically turn off when the kettle shutoff.


WATTAGE : 1000 W  
  • • Size is good not big and not too small
  • • Auto Shuts off function
  • • Heats up quickly
  • • Bottom plate does not lift off from counter when detaching the pot
  • • Color is little dull

9- OXO Brew Adjustable Temperature Kettle, Electric, Clear

The OXO Brew comes with the adjustable temperature which allows you to make white tea, green tea or coffee at different setting to make it perfect according to your taste. With its adjustable temperature you can simply make the desire drink by simply twisting the knob and its crystal clear borosilicate glass ensures pure and clean taste. This kettle can boil up to 1.75 Liter of water which can be heated and held up to 3o minutes. OXO Brew has non-slip handle which provides the comfortable grip and also remain cool to touch; the lid opens very slowly to control the release of the steam


WATTAGE : 1500 W  
  • • Lid opens slowly to control the release of steam and prevent
  • Hot water splatter
  • • Heats quickly
  • • Different temperature option o make tea, coffee
  • • Water is heated and held for 30 minutes at your preferred temperature
  • • Sometime lacks in showing exact brewing timing

10-ASCOT Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

This stylish kettle made with stainless and steel uses the concealed heating element which can boil water in 5 minutes so; you can walk away to focus on other things. For safety, this kettle also have overheat protection and dry protection to switches off automatically.  The cord can be secured at the base when it’s not in use, making it a neat and tidy solution for your kitchen worktop or other counter top in the living room its Cordless design allows for easy filling and serving. This electric kettle is also has good in design that makes sure that all the water goes in cup with less splashes and spills on the work place.


WATTAGE : 1500 W  
  • • Cordless design allows for easy filling and serving
  • • No plastic components that come in contact
  • With the water
  • • Water capacity is large enough
  • • Stylish and has a nice in weight
  • • Lid opening is way small

What Factors to consider when buying an Electric Kettle?

There are many factors to take into consideration when buying an electric kettle like its speed, size, appearance, noise, material and its durability.


Speed is considered as one of the important factor in the electric kettle, the good electric kettle can boil the water in about three to four minutes. As the main purpose of buying an electric kettle is speed up the tea and coffee routine, so your electric kettle must be faster than the stove top or microwave. Before buying an electric kettle you must see this feature carefully in the product description.   


Size is another important factor when buying an electric kettle as they come in different sizes, like small electric kettle, large or medium. The two important things to consider when choosing the size of the kettle one, where you are going to place that electric kettle and the second is capacity of that electric kettle as they don’t take much space like microwave. It’s better to figure out before buying the electric kettle its capacity and your counter space where you are going to put that electric kettle. 


Like buying any other electric product, durability is also remaining as the main concern similarly when buying an electric kettle you must look at its durability of it. The best way to check that the electric kettle you are going to buy is to look at some of the customers’ review who is already using that product.  One of the common indicator of the when buying an electric kettle is as usual price of it, which clearly indicates the durability of that product. Mostly the brands that offer the warranty of electric kettles indicates that they stand behind their product and you will be able to use that electric kettle in years to come.


Electric Kettles made up of different material including glass, plastic, metal, stainless steel or some time combination of the material, such as stainless steel and glass or plastic with some other metal. Stainless steel is considered to be the best material but at the same time electric kettle with glass looks nice on the countertop. You can choose the best one according to your desired preference and its use.      


Although electric kettles are not much noisy like other kitchen appliance ( Juicer, hand Mixer etc) but still some of the electric kettles makes noise while boiling water or make beeping to let you know that water is ready to use. It’s better to check the customers’ comments and review which will let you know more in detail about that specific electric kettle that you are going to buy.   

Smeg Electric Kettle


Although there are too many reasons that you must have an electric kettle at home I will highlight some of them


Using the electric kettle is really simple, just by the press of button you can get the boil water. With the temperatures setting you can get the hot water as per your required taste.


Electric kettles are energy efficient as compare to traditional stove top or microwave so with the use of electric kettles you actually reducing your energy cost as well.


This is the important features present in almost in all the electric kettles; this is important safety feature as well which is not possible in the traditional stove top kettles. Automatic shuts down system in the electric kettles prevents any mishap in case you forgot to switch it off.


On traditional stove top kettle water takes time to boil, but with electric kettle you can boil the water in matter of minutes which save you lot of time especially when you are getting ready for the office. You will start more dependable on the electric kettles when you realize that they got fast heating process.


Not all but some of the good electric kettles also offer this feature to keep the water warm some time up to 3o minutes which is really plus point.


Final Thoughts

You can live without having an electric kettle but having one with you in the daily routine life has a lot of advantages, from saving your time and keep you safe from any accident. Most of the people think that an electric kettle can only be good to make tea or coffee, but at the same time electric kettles are good to use to make soup, noodles, veggies, and anything else that needs hot water.

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