Best Single Serve Coffee Makers with Grinders

Coffee is a must for many people in the morning, but not everyone has time to brew their cup of Joe. Single-serve coffee grind and brew makers are an easy solution for those looking to save time and get their caffeine fix fast. In this article, we will review five single serve coffee makers that have grinders so you can enjoy your favorite ground beans in just seconds!

A single cup coffee maker with grinder built-in is a machine that is specially designed and convenient to produce a single cup of coffee or any other beverage at a time. They are considered to be convenient, portable, compact and easy to use.

Use of freshly ground beans is necessary for brewing a perfect, richest and delicious cup of coffee that is flavorful and truest to its natural taste. However, the idea of using a separate grinder every day at home,  in office or while you are traveling, to grind your beans right before you brew them,  sounds complicated.  Thanks to the single cup coffee makers with built in grinders that can brew coffee beans within minutes of grinding—all with a push of a button. They made it possible for you to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee without putting in so much effort. This machine serves both functions as coffee grinder and coffee brewer that enables you to customize your grind size according to your taste preferences and ensures you get the maximum flavor from your fresh coffee beans.

These grind and brew models are so easy to use, easy to clean, easy to carry, save your space and are considered cost effective.  You just need to make sure your grinder is filled with beans and reservoir has enough water. Your machine will do the rest.

Is Single Cup Coffee Maker with Grinder Worth It?

A single-serve coffee maker is a great choice for those who are looking to save time in the morning. Instead of brewing an entire pot of coffee, you simply fill up your machine with just enough water and coffee beans/ground beans to create one cup at a time. This allows you to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee without waiting around for it to brew or wasting all that extra pot if nobody drinks it. Another key advantage is that it saves money as you don’t need to buy an espresso maker and coffee grinder separately. It is also more compact (easy to store), travel friendly and saves space. It is highly portable so you can easily carry it.

In addition, it can brew freshly ground beans at the perfect consistency for the tastiest beverage. You don’t need to be a professional barista to know that freshly ground coffee tastes fresh and has more flavor than pre-ground coffee (sitting for extended period of time) that is prone to oxidation and can lose its flavor and taste. A single cup grind and brew machine brew exactly the right amount of coffee for one or two people.

How to choose the best single-serve coffee maker with Grinder?

There are many coffee makers on the market, but how do you know which one is worth your money? It may seem like it’s just a matter of personal preference, but there are actually some features that can help determine if a coffee maker with grinder is worth the investment. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what these features are and why they’re important to consider when making your purchase decision.

Coffee Pods vs. Reusable Filter:

One of the most important factors one needs to consider before buying a single serve grind and brew machine is the use of pods or reusable filter basket.  Most machines use coffee pods, like K-cups, (a small plastic or aluminum container that contains pre-portioned ground coffee and also have a built-in filter). Coffee pods are convenient because you can brew your favorite flavor without having to worry about buying or storing a filter.These pods are easy to use but cost more than home-ground coffee and are not considered environment friendly. Soft pods containing coffee in a tea bag-like round paper filter, are also very common. Use of pods can’t guarantee fresh ground coffee.

In contrast, some coffee machines come with a reusable filter to fill with your own ground coffee every time you use it. They give you freedom to enjoy your preferred flavor. Reusable filters allow you to save money in addition to reducing waste from disposable paper cups and lids. These are considered more environment friendly but they need more effort. You need to fill the filters with your ground coffee and wash them after each use. 

Water Reservoir:

You will also have to take in consideration the water reservoirs size before making a final choice. Some single cup coffee makers come with a reservoir that only holds enough water to brew only single cup of coffee, while some contain a large reservoir which means less refilling. It is good for people who brew coffee multiple times per day. Some water reservoirs have handles and are removable. They are more convenient as they make cleaning and refilling process easy. While others are not removable and permanently attached to the coffee maker.  In addition, some coffee makers lack a water reservoir altogether and you need to measure and add the amount of water each time you use.

Brewing Options

While buying the machine, also keep in mind the type of brewing option you like. It would be great if your appliance allow you to choose brewing options according to your mood and taste. Medium, mild and strong are the most common brewing options.


The most significant advantage of a single serve coffee maker is getting a cup of coffee quickly. If you want your coffee to be prepared in no time, go for a model with a powerful heating mechanism that can boil water and brew coffee in less than a minute. While some models require you to manually heat and pour your own water over the ground coffee and take double time.

Grinding Mechanism

Single serve coffee makers mainly come with either of the two-grinding mechanism: blade or burr.   Burr grinders are considered better than blade grinders. They are not considered cheap because of their premium quality but they are more reliable and produce even, consistent, and unfirm sized grounds. Burr blades grind the coffee beans into minute particles. In addition, they do not produce much heat thereby don’t affect the taste and flavor of the coffee.

On the other hand, blade grinders are less expensive as compare to burr grinders, but they can’t ensure consistent grind. More heat is produced in the grinding process that eventually affect the coffee taste.

Travel Mug Compatibility

Portability is another important feature of single serve coffee maker. Most of these appliances are light and portable. However, you need to make sure your machine is compatible with the travel mug. It is advisable to look for one with adjustable cup height and travel friendly

Noise level

Make sure the appliance you choose is optimized for minimizing noise, so that you can use it without disturbing your mental peace.

Additional Features

There are some advanced features that you can take into account while investing in an appliance.

  • Automatic Shut-off
  • Pre-set Programmable Feature
  • Temperature Control
  • LCD Screen
  • User Friendly

The Top 5 Single-Serve Coffee Makers in 2021/22

In market there is a large variety of single cup coffee makers available. We have chosen best single cup coffee makers for you.

  1. Cuisinart DGB-550 KP1 GRIND AND BREW
  2. Krups Coffee Maker with grinder KM 785D50
  3. Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker
  4. Mr. Coffee Single Cup BVMC-SCGB200
  5. Hamilton Beach 49989

Cuisinart DGB-550 KP1 GRIND AND BREW

Cuisinart has been a popular brand for many years, and there is a reason that they have maintained this popularity. The Cuisinart DGB-550 KP1 GRIND AND BREW coffee maker is one of the best products from this company in recent times. With its compact grinder built right into the machine, you will be able to enjoy your favorite cup of Joe with minimal effort! Cuisinart DGB-550 KP is a coffee maker with many incredible features and it is well worth the money. Cuisinart DGB-550 KP has a powerful motor that grinds beans to perfection before dispensing them into your filter basket. It can make anything from a single cup of coffee all the way up to 12 full cups, and you can also use the pre-programmable function to set your machine for over 24 hours in advance. Cuisinart DGB-550 KP is a kitchen appliance that will last and it is built with daily usage in mind.

Features of Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1:

Cuisinart is a brand well known for its sophisticated, cohesive designs. Therefore, their products are innovative, beautiful, and well-designed.

  • The DGB-550BKP1 is their flagship model. It looks elegant with its Italian styling and stainless steel finish.  Its black and white design with four handles position and a sleek design.  
  • It has a built-in grinder for whole bean coffee. If you want to use pre-ground coffee then this feature can easily be turned off.
  • Its reservoir cover can be removed to ensure efficient cleaning  and to make room for travel mugs or other accessories like the Cuisinart grind & brew thermal carafe or the hot water system. The flip back feature of the reservoir allows the drinker to fill the water in one sitting.
  • This appliance has a 24 hour programmable timer that lets you wake up to freshly brewed coffee every morning. You can set it ahead of time so your first cup of coffee will be ready as soon as you wake up in the morning!
  • It comes with a removable charcoal filter.
  • This machine allows the user to change brew settings depending on one’s taste.
  • The coffee maker comes with a Brew-Pause feature that lets you control the brewing time.  It also features an automatic shutoff feature to reduce the power usage.
  • Its built-in temperature control system ensures no burnt tasting grounds or tough pods.
  • This coffee maker is durable, easy to use with a lighter and portable design.
  • • 3-year limited warranty
  • • Affordable
  • • Auto shut-off function
  • • Pre-programmable over a day
  • • Dishwasher-safe removable parts
  • • 1-4 cup setting
  • • Charcoal water filter
  • • Flip over and removable reservoir
  • • Temperature control feature
  • • Clean after using each time
  • • Loud and noisy grinder
  • • Steam can rise into the grinder


Krups Coffee Maker with grinder KM 785D50-Grind and Brew Drip coffee Maker 2-10 Cup Capacity

The Krups KM785D50 coffee maker has a lot to offer if you’re looking for an innovative and high-tech machine. The Krups coffee maker has 2-10 Cup Capacity and a fantastic grind and brew system that will give you the perfect cup of java every time. It features an automatic grind setting for your beans, so that you can have freshly ground espresso or drip coffee at any time without any fuss. This machine includes a 1 liter water tank, which means it’s easy to fill up before brewing starts. The hot plate on the bottom ensures your drinks are always piping hot while they’re being brewed!

Features of KRUPS Grind and Brew Auto-Start Maker

  • It has an integrated grinder that let you brew great tasting coffee at home. The conical burr grinder ensures consistent grounds right before brewing and gives a flavorful cup of coffee.
  • This appliance comes with 5 grind settings (coarse to fine) and grinder setting allows to customize the amount to 2—10 cups.
  •  It also includes a brew strength selector with 3 flavor options (mild, medium, and strong)
  • Its LCD screen lets you see your chosen settings.
  • It has a two hour keep warm feature that ensures your coffee at a perfect temperature later.
  • This coffee maker has an auto start feature.  It lets you schedule the brew cycle to start whenever you want.
  • Due to included removable gold-tone filter cleaning the appliance is very easy.
  • The pause and serve function allow for pouring a cup at any time during the brew cycle.
  • • Attractive design
  • • Conical burr grinder
  • • Auto shut off
  • • Different grind settings
  • • Warming tray
  • • LCD screen
  • • Multiple brewing options
  • • Pre-programmable autostart
  • • User-friendly controls
  • • Difficult to clean and maintain at times
  • • Understanding water-to-grinds proportion can be tricky
  • • Loud and noisy


Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker, Brushed Stainless Steel

This appliance is one of the most expensive appliances on the list. The reason behind this is its stainless-steel surface and stainless-steel burr grinder. The Breville BDC650BSS is a state-of-the-art coffee maker that features a built in grinder for fresh, aromatic coffee. The grind control feature gives you the power to choose from 5 different settings depending on your desired flavor and texture of your brew. With a touch of a button, this machine will automatically grind the beans at just the right time and dispense them into your cup or travel mug. It also has a built-in bean hopper that holds up to 12 ounces of whole beans, and it has a removable water tank with easy fill level indicators for quick filling.This machine also comes with many safety features such as automatic shutoff if it’s left idle for too long.

Features of Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker

  • Its Steep and Release technology captures freshness and essential oils from beans by grinding before you brew. It has a stainless-steel burr grinder that outperforms blade grinders and guarantees a consistent brew each time.
  • It has a programable auto start. You can set the time you’d like your coffee and the Grind Control will start the brewing process automatically.
  • Delivers brew water at the right temperature from the start to the finish of the brewing process
  • It comes with a stainless-steel thermal carafe that ensures your coffee stays hot.
  • Its LCD screen is the most significant feature that shows you the grind size, brewing time, brewing strength of your coffee, and number of cups you have selected.
  • The grinder output can be adjusted to suit any bean from anywhere and customize the grind size according to your preferences.
  • It includes a Gold Tone Filter, 12 Cup Dual Wall Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe and Cleaning Brush
  • It comes with 8 strength settings or choose pre-ground coffee option to brew coffee just the way you like it
  • It allows you to choose how many cups you want to brew. Anywhere from a single cup to a full 12 cup carafe. 
  • • Single serving option
  • • Sleek finish
  • • Clear LCD screen
  • • Eight strength settings
  • • Removable drip
  • • Adjustable grind settings
  • • Burr Grinder
  • • Temperature control
  • • Auto start feature
  • • Comparatively pricy
  • • Hand wash only
  • • Bulky
  • • Multiple moving parts


Mr. Coffee Single Cup BVMC-SCGB200–Single Cup Coffeemaker with Built-in Grinder

Life is hectic. We’re all trying to balance work, family and the various other responsibilities that fill our days. Sometimes we just don’t have time to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea) like we want to. Fortunately for you, Mr. Coffee has come up with a solution: The Single Cup Coffeemaker with Built-in Grinder! This product has been designed to make brewing coffee quick and easy by eliminating the need for a separate grinder which can be messy and time consuming. This coffeemaker offers single cup brewing, meaning that you can brew one cup at a time if that’s what you prefer without having to wait for your whole pot of coffee to finish brewing before it cools off too much!

Features of Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker

  • This appliance has a 2-way brew option: Pre-ground or beans
  • The model has a filter and grinder that are permanently installed.
  • It has an adjustable cup holder that can be adjusted to any position so that it may easily handle any cup size and shape. 
  • It is perfect for travel mugs
  • A BPA-free premium travel mug included
  • It is customizable for different coffee mugs
  • The grinder operates with a one-touch button and takes up to 15 seconds to grind beans for one cup.
  • The filter basket is easily removable and dishwasher safe
  • • Full beans and pre-ground compatible
  • • The coffee maker’s simplicity is a breath of fresh air
  • • Have a permanent filter
  • • Brews quickly and efficiently
  • • The included travel mug is a huge bonus
  • • Only a single serve coffee maker
  • • Don’t have a burr grinder
  • • It has not timer

Hamilton Beach 49989–Grind and Brew Single serve Coffee Maker

You don’t have to be a coffee snob to love the Hamilton Coffee Maker. This popular single serve coffee maker is perfect for those who want a quick cup of joe without the hassle of grinding beans and waiting for water to boil. This single-serve coffee maker will allow you to make the perfect cup every time with easy-to-use features. Simply add your favorite grounds and water into the machine and press start – it’s that simple! Its automatic rinse feature and its dual coffee sprout make Hamilton Beach 49989 Grind and Brew single serve coffee maker stand out from the rest.

Features of Hamilton Beach Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

  • It lets you grind coffee beans immediately before brewing that gives you a perfect and flavorful cup of coffee.
  • With this grind and brew single serve appliance, you can grind your favorite beans and brew a fantastic cup all in one appliance.
  • It has an automatic rinse feature cleans out the bean chamber to prevent clogging. Your machine will automatically rinse the filter after every brew to ensure that it remains clean.
  • It has two functions. The coffee machine allows you to use either pre-ground coffee or use full coffee beans.
  • It has a permanent filter that means no extra filters to buy.
  • An adjustable cup rest lets you brew into a travel cup, if you are on-the-go, or a traditional mug to enjoy your coffee at home. Single-serve means you can brew a fresh cup whenever you like.
  • It has a automatic shutoff feature that allows you to continue with your work while it continues brewing your coffee. You don’t have to be around to shut it.
  • Thanks to its two large buttons on the front that offer one-touch operation and makes it simple to operate.  
  • It can make one or two cups at a time. The grind and brew singe serve coffeemaker can make two cups of coffee at once, which is great for starting the morning. The dual spout delivers two streams of coffee at the same time.
  • • It is easy to operate.
  • • Shuts off on its own.
  • • Self rinse feature
  • • Dual coffee sprout for serving 2 cups of coffee
  • • Has a great design
  • • 16 ounces brewing capacity
  • • It has no timer.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have discussed the best single serve coffee makers on the market. Due to their popularity, there are a wide variety of different machines for you to choose from, but not all of them will suit your needs. With the help of this guide, you can choose your pick for the best single cup coffee maker.

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