Best Black Coffee Recipes for Weight Loss

Black coffee is good for the weight loss and is most preferred drink for the people who are working to reduce the weight and the reason is that the black coffee contains an element which is known as chlorogenic acid which particularly helps in the weight loss. Studies have shown that if you take the black coffee early in the morning or before the thirty minutes of the workout than you will get the maximum benefits of reducing your weight. Good results will be shown if you take the coffee with the empty stomach. I will discuss different recipes which particularly will show how you can lose weight with the black coffee

Recipes of Black Coffee For Weight Loss

Recipe 1

11/4 Cup of water ½ Table spoon Coffee ½ cinnamon stick 1 Ts honey add water on the stove and heat it on medium flame add coffee powder and cinnamon stick in the coffee and let it boil until the water reduced to one cup. Stain the coffee in the cup and add honey according to your taste. Adding honey is optional if you don’t want in the cup than you can skip this step. That’s it your favorite coffee is ready just avoid to add the sugar in the coffee instead use sugar or other alternatives like stevia for this recipe if you want to add the taste in black coffee.

Recipe 2

Boil one cup of water and add one tbsp. of normal coffee and let it boil for a  one or two minutes, and that it just take it out in the cup and have the sip of your favorite drink. Studies shows that drinking one cup of such coffee with the empty stomach in the morning before going for the morning walk or any other workout, slipping with the black coffee in conjunction with the workout burns calories and fats in the body. Just avoid the sugar and milk to add in the coffee, if you cannot take the black coffee than you can add honey in it for the flavor instead of sugar

Recipe 3

If you can manage in your busy life than grinding the coffee is little better instead of buying ready made powder all you need to do just buy the coffee beans and grind it in the mixer and make the fine powder. Now you got the coffee powder just boil this powder in the 500 grams of water. In next step add the filter to the dripper which fills with the crushed coffee. In last step tap the surface of the dripper and pour it in the cup. Your black cup of coffee is ready. 

Recipe 4

This recipe actually needs you to do some extra job to make the coffee as there are various methods to make black coffee that actually depends upon the type of beans and taste you like. Making coffee in this method needs some brewing process and extra time as well. Making black coffee with this method you can choose the Auto Drip, Pour over method, French Press or the AEROPRESS coffee maker

How Black Coffee Helps in Weight Loss

Fewer Calories

Normal size of black coffee cup has few calories so you don’t need to worry about the calories count when taking the black coffee which has only 2 calories.

Reduce Hunger

Drinking black coffee will reduce the hunger which gives you the feeling of fullness because of the caffeine and you will eat less.

Highly Antioxidant

The caffeine present in the Black coffee is filled with potassium, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5 and manganese all these are highly antioxidant and helps in the weight loss.

Energy Booster

Black coffee is also known as the best energy booster which is helpful for the energy flow needed in your body

Flushes out Bacteria

Drinking black coffee regularly stimulates the system to urinate which leads to flushes out the bacteria and toxin from your body and helps in cleaning your stomach and ensures the healthy functioning.

Burns Liver Fats

Black coffee helps in functioning of the liver, which is largest part of your body, when you take the black coffee regularly it helps in reducing the harmful enzyme and fatty liver.

Help in Burning Calories

The caffeine present in the black coffee give boosts the metabolic activity in the body which is helpful in burning the extra calories and fats in the body, which significantly leads to help in the weight loss.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that drinking black coffee have numerous health benefits because of the antioxidants nature which helps to boost the energy level in your body. At the same time black coffee is helpful to reduce the weight as when you take the black coffee with the empty stomach thirty minutes before going for the workout it will help to burns the extra fats in the body and leads to weight loss.  

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