How to Choose Best Hand Mixer

How to Choose Best Hand Mixer ,A hand mixer is an essential appliance for any baker which is commonly used across the UK, for eggs, cream, butter, icing, mixing, blending, and beating.

There are different varieties of a hand mixer in the market from basic to high tech and they can complete the task the same way as most large appliances do.

A good hand mixer will feature a greater selection in speed which gives you more control when you are mixing ingredients.

The important factor of the hand mixer to see is that its motor must be lightweight as it is supported by the user during use.

You can use any suitable kitchen container to hold the ingredients while mixing. Here are some of the important things to consider when buying the new hand blender.

Speed Setting

When you are choosing the hand blender speed is the most important factor, blender which have fast speed setting might be a little noisy.

It’s better to choose the hand blender which has a more speed options as it will give you desired results for the different recipes.


Hand blender comes with different attachments like a chopper and whisks these attachments makes the hand blenders more convenient to use it. 

Chopper and whisk allow you to beat eggs and batters to make pancakes or cake, these expand the uses of the hand blender and make it an even good addition to the kitchen appliance. 


Weight of the hand mixer is also important as you need to use it by hands, the ideal weight of the hand blender must be around 2-5 pounds but anything lighter than that becomes a too flimsy.


When choosing electric hand blender the design should be such that its handle is comfortable to hold and you can operate its power button easily.

It should be of small size that it can easily fit in the small drawers as compared to other large blenders.


Quality of the blades is another important factor to be considered when buying hand blender as it impacts the performance of that hand blender.

You must look for powerful and durable blades as they will make the chopping and blending experience easier without spending much time.  

Below are some of the blenders suggested to purchase based on the user review from which you can choose the right one according to your budget and need.

1-Kenwood Hand Mixer Electric Whisk with 2 Stainless Steel Beaters, 3 Speed Selection,

The kenwood hand mixer is designed practical and easy in use, its simple thumb -operated control makes mixing and whisking ideal part of the kitchen appliances.

The three- speed setting allows mixing or whisking your favorite recipes in minutes whether to make cakes or bread.

The Non-degradable stainless steel beater ensures added durability and strength while using this smart lightweight hand blender. 

With its creaming and whisking functions, this hand blender you can make mousses, creamed mixtures, cheesecake, meringues and much more.


Speed Level: 3
Attachment 1 beater
Weight: 0.75 kg/td>
Color white

2-Russell Hobbs 24672 Desire Hand Mixer, Electric Hand Whisk and Dough Mixer Attachments,

If you are looking for a hand blender that is good in quality at a reasonable price then Russell Hobbs desire hand mixer is one of them.

It has 5 different speeds to choose from, whether to make some cake or want to whisk up cream to create a thick and fluffy filling this mixer is ready for whatever you throw its way.

This hand mixer is beautifully designed to stand on its base; this hand mixer can be stored in an upright position ready to fit easily into any cupboard or spare corner in your kitchen. Its simple eject button makes removing or swapping your attachments not just easy but also safe.


Speed Level: 5
Attachment 2 beater 2 dough hooks
Weight: 1.22 kg/td>
Color Matte Black

3-Hand Mixer, LINK Chef Hand Mixer Electric 5 Speeds for Whipping + Mixing Cookies, Brownies, Cakes, Dough, Batters, Meringues & More

With Link Chef hand mixer you can mix dough for your recipes or can mix eggs, milk, butter or even cream quite easily. This hand blender has 5 different speeds setting to get the job done quickly. The beaker and the dough hooks are made of durable stainless steel, which has longer service life than hand mixers made of other materials. All the accessories of this hand blender are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe, so you do not need to worry about the mess created during making your recipes.


Speed Level: 5
Attachment:Whisk, Dough Hook
Weight: 1.14 Kg
Color:White and Silver

4-Bosch CleverMixx MFQ2420BGB Hand Mixer, Plastic, 400 W – Black/Stainless Steel

In an elegant design with a stainless steel front cover, the Clever Mix Hand Mixer from Bosch is sure to bring style and fun to food preparation.

This versatile mixer makes light work of whisking, kneading and beating. Its 400W motor performs all the jobs quickly and quietly.

It comes with 4 speed settings to choose from, as well as an additional turbo option for when a quick pulse of extra power is needed.

This CleverMixx is also equipped with 2 turbo beaters for perfect whisking and stirring, and 2 heavy -duty stainless steel kneading hooks.

Once you’ve finished mixing, the attachments can be easily removed using the eject button, and cleaned in the dishwasher for an effortless tidy-up.


Speed Level:4
Attachment:2x turbo-whisks, 2x stainless steel dough hooks
Weight: 0.7kg
Colour: Black & stainless steel

5-Morphy Richards 400510 Hand Mixer, 2 Stainless Steel Whisks, 300W, White

This hand blender comes with 5 different setting which enables to complete the task within a short time of what used to be arm-aching.

Mixing pancake batter, omelets mixture, egg-whites for meringue and the cream to finish Pavlov’s and cakes plus a myriad other uses, makes this an indispensable piece of kit.

The beaters are easy to remove and wash and the mixer tucks away neatly into a corner. The length of this hand blender whisks earns you don’t feel like you are practically in the bowl, it gives space to move around to mix.

Its easy click to release button removes whisk accessories without getting your hand dirty and ready for washing in the dishwasher.  


Speed Level: 5
Attachment: 2 Stainless Steel Whisks
Weight: 998 g

6-Breville VFM021 HeatSoft Hand Mixer with Whisk, Dough Hooks and Storage Case, 7 Speeds, 270 W Motor

The Breville hand blender is designed with the home baker in mind. It’s easy to use with powerful performance and Heat Soft technology to revolutionize your baking. 

The Breviile Heat Soft technology gently warms butter and other mixtures at room temperature. The beaters, dough hooks and a whisk are included so you’re fully equipped for every kind of bake.

  The versatile 7-speed control allows you to handle any type of mixture, and the boost Power button gives you the extra boost needed when tackling especially thick mixtures.

An Easy Eject Button makes for a quick and convenient cleanup and the Removable Magnetic Nozzle is dishwasher safe. After baking, all your HeatSoft kit can be neatly stored away in the clear plastic case.


Speed Level: 7
Attachment:Beaters, Dough hooks, Whisk and Storage case
Weight: 1.7 Kg
Colour:  White and Gray

7-VonShef Professional 300W Hand Mixer, Black, Includes Chrome Beaters, Dough Hooks, Balloon Whisk + 5 Speed with Turbo Button

The Vonshef hand mixer is compact and easy to use, with its 300 W motor and turbo setting you can whisk, mix and knead.

Its thumb operated speed setting make this hand blender easy and convenient to use. This blender has a five -speed setting which allows you to adjust the power as required according to your need.

Vonshef hand blender comes in different colours so you have an option to pick one that suits you. With an easy eject button, you can remove the attachments which are dishwasher safe.


Speed Level: 5
Attachment: 2 beaters, 2 dough hooks
Weight: 1.32 Kg
Colour: Black /Red/White

Final Verdict

Hand blenders would make your life super easy. It will reduce so much time and strength you waste on blending a puree by hand. Now,

you can just blend anything within 2 minutes without needing to use your strength and waste too much time on that.

Hand blender ensures that you don’t waste any more time doing stuff by your hand and not even getting the desired smooth results.

Buying a hand blender provides you with super-smooth purees, milkshakes, smoothies and a lot more.

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