How To Choose The Best Hand Blenders

When you are busy in the kitchen you always require more machines to prepare the new recipes and new dishes, a hand blender is one of them, How To Choose The Best Hand Blenders which is the most needed kitchen item in the UK.

As it clear by its name that you use this blender by hands, by which you can make the quality dishes in less time.

A hand blender is a multi- functional machine which can be used to blend, emulsify, whip, salsa, and can make creamy soups or even baby food.

So it is important that when you are planning to buy the new hand blender you must focus on your need, for which purpose you are going to use it.

There are some important factors which are needed to be considered when buying the hand blender these are


When choosing the hand blender you must keep an eye on its motor normally 200-watt motor can work at its best but if you need something thicker and heavier things you need more power and control.

The higher you go and the more speeds you can have and it is obvious that more watt means that the price goes up.


Another important factor is speed, it is always better to get the blender which has speed variation.

Normally a hand blender comes with 2-5 variations in speed so you can use the blender for the different uses as required. 

Blenders which have more variations in speed is good as you can have more control over what you are making ,for example you need fast speed to blitz the things and for the whisking and mayonnaise, slow speed hand blenders are better.


You must get the blender that is comfortable and easy to hold in the use. Some hand blender has power button down to switch an switch off easily where you can get your finger or thumb on the on/off button.

A well placed oversized power button is ideal where you can get comparable grip getting convenience in the usage for different purpose and needs.


A different hand blender comes with diffident blades so you have to make sure the purpose for which you are going to use your hand blender.

If you are making baby food than you need the hand blender which can easily reach the food without splashing.

Some hand blenders have patented blade technologies to increase the speed and power of the hand blender.

Just make sure that the blades are not too raised to be effective with small quantities or sometimes not even touching the bottom of the pot. 


Weight of the hand blender is also an important factor to consider when buying a new one. Most of the hand blenders are lightweight between 2-5 pounds but usually more than 3 pounds can be difficult when holding.

So it is better to choose the hand blender which is light in weight and comfortable to control and easy to control as well. Getting the light-weight would be convenient to use.

Along with all above- mentioned features, you must also check what kind of accessories you will get along with the product like, mixing rods, measuring cups, etc. 

We have listed some of the best blenders on the based on user review and rating from which you can choose according to your budget and need.

1-Russell Hobbs Food Collection Hand Blender, 200 W – White 

Russell Hobbs Food Collection Hand Blender

The Russell Hobbs hand blender is perfect to make soups, smoothies, and more things without making any mess.

This hand blender comes with the detachable leg which makes its cleaning easier after the use.

This blender has a two- speed setting allowing you increased control when blending differing consistencies and making sure you achieve good results.

With its 200 W of power is ample for blending a host of foods with optimum effect every time you use it.


Power       220W
Material    Stainless steel blades
Speed settings2
Special Feature Detachable blending leg
Item Weigt780g

2-Bosch CleverMixx MSM2610BGB Hand Blender, 600W – Piano Black & Anthracite


Bosch hand blender is lightweight with an ergonomic design by which you can make soups, dips, and drinks quickly.

Its durable and extra sharp Quattro Blade delivers outstanding cutting action for fine blending results in no time. Even blending large ingredients is effortless.

Its powerful 600 -watt motor effortlessly mixes and purees ingredients in a short time. With its ergonomic handle, the device fits your hand comfortably.

Besides, the low weight makes holding it even easier. The stainless steel mixer foot is rust free; all accessories are dishwasher safe and so can be cleaned easily and conveniently.


Special FeaturesDish Washer Safe/NO Splash
Item Weight0.69kg
Speed Setting 1

3-Hand Blender with Beaker & Whisk 400 W 2 Speed Stainless Steel Blades White & Grey

Hand Blender with Beaker & Whisk 400 W 2 Speed Stainless Steel Blades White & Grey

With 2 speeds setting by the link chef hand blender you can make perfect smoothies, soup, and mayonnaise.

It’s comfortable to hold by its long handle while its 400 W motor along with 2-speed setting complete your blending task quite easily.

This hand blender is dishwasher save so you do not need to worry about it’s after the use.


Power 400 W
Special Features: Dish washer safe Item
Beaker Cup600ml
Colour: Grey
Speed Setting: 2
Special Features: Dish washer safe /No splash

4-Braun MultiQuick 1 MQ100 Hand Blender, Soup Mixer, Stainless Steel Blades, BPA-Free Plastic Beaker, Dishwasher Safe Wand – White

With Braun Hand Blender you can create the fine texture result quickly and simply. This hand blender can deliver very finely and evenly blended ingredients just as your desired need for the delicious meal or smoothies.

Its clever anti-splash design ensures that your kitchen stays free from mess. This hand blender features ultra-hard stainless steel blades capable of full immersion, which has been angled in opposite directions so that you get the best blending results and so that you don’t experience suction.

Its easy click design allows you to release all the attachments with just one click. Another plus point of this hand blender is that it’s designed with very soft and slim a shape which allows you to use it comfortably and evenly when making your favourite dishes. 


Special FeaturesAnti Splash Foot
ColourWhite and Green
Speed Setting1

5-NETTA Hand Blender with 700ml Beaker – Powerful 600W – Variable Speed and Turbo Settings – Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel Blades – Ergonomic Stick Handle – BPA Free

NETTA Hand Blender with 700ml Beaker

Neeta hand blender can be a great addition to your kitchen which can make shakes, smoothies, soup and sauces.

With its 600W motor, you complete the blending task quickly whether to make baby food, cakes, juice and other things. By its turbo 1-5 setting, you can blend, chop, whisk, and whip with ease.

The blade mechanism is made of high-quality stainless steel so that the hand blender is super sleek, lightweight yet durable and resistant to rust.

The anti-splatter blade cover can prevent food spattering under high stirring speed. Further detachable blender bar and the beaker is dishwasher safe and easily disassembled for cleaning.


MaterialStainless Steel
Special FeaturesAnti Splash Cover
Speed SettingVariable

The Slaouw hand blender is equipped with 800 W motor which can quickly blend ingredients with different size and hardness to give fastest and finest food processing results.

Its 6 -speed modes and instant turbo allow you to adjust the working speed and make your food with your favourite texture of blending, chopping, grinding or mixing.

Its compact size makes this hand blender set easy to store in anywhere your kitchen.

This hand blender can be cleaned in the dishwasher except the engine to save your time after the use.


MaterialStainless Steel
Speed Setting6
Weight1.62 kg

7-Kenwood Tri blade System Hand Blender, Mixer with Anti-splash, Masher Attachment and 0.75 Litre BPA-free Plastic Beaker, HDP300WH, White

Kenwood Tri blade System Hand Blender

The Kenwood Tri blade hand blender is really strong and fast, you can blend, chop, or mash your meal quickly and effortlessly.

It’s one speed plus function gives you more control when you are making smoothies, the creamy soup they’ll be able to tackle it perfectly.

You will have perfect outcomes for your desired recipes just with the touch of the button and its powerful 800 W motor.

With its Triblade system ensure that all ingredients are reached and blended exactly as you need, and in less time. This hand blender is dishwasher safe, for the quick and easy cleaning.


Speed Setting8
Weight1.98 Kg


Hand Blender or immersion blenders are great alternatives to the traditional blenders as they are compact, lightweight and easy to use and easy in cleaning as well.

Hand Blenders are easy for blending small batches of ingredients like baby food, smoothies, mayonnaise or even drips. However, they are not suitable for heavier loads because they don’t provide silky-smooth texture.

If you have a large family or have to work on heavier loads regularly, Food processor or traditional counterpart blender is the better option.

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