How to Choose the Best Wok for Your Kitchen

Finding the right piece for cooking is really difficult decision, same is the case for choosing the wok and How to Choose the Best Wok for Your Kitchen.

Wok is traditional Chinese cooking pot and is used for variety of cooking from fries, smoking, boiling, and even conventional frying.

The wok has long handles which allows you to toss and shaken your food easily during cooking.

The traditional wok have rounded bottom which quickly heats up even on the small flame.

Some woks come in traditional style with lids which is also good if you are going to make some steaming food.

A wok is an important pot in your kitchen especially for the Chinese dishes like nodules, pasta, egg fried rice or even vegetables.

Many user of the wok don’t know that wok is really versatile cooking pot in your kitchen which is really good when you are thinking to have some deep frying, or stir frying than your wok is great tool for all that kinds of dishes. 

Kinds of Woks

There are number of variety available for the wok in the market with different material including carbon steel, cast iron, Stainless Steel or aluminum, let’s take a look on all these different kinds of wok one by one

Carbon Steel Wok

Carbon Steel is known as the most traditional wok which is recommended from most of the chefs.

The good quality of this wok is that its heats quickly and evenly and also retains the heat. It requires seasoning before its use which will make it non stick with passage of time.

The traditional design of carbon style wok is easy in use to and you can move the food inside during cooking quite easily.

Cast-Iron Wok

Cast-Iron is made up of some heavy material and is considered good for the high-heating dishes.

Though the cast-iron wok takes more time to heat up as compare to traditional carbon steel but once its heated its retains the heat.

You need it to be seasoned before its use and will become non-stick over the time of use.

Stainless Steel Wok

Stainless Steel are durable and do not need much seasoning as compare to cast-iron or carbon steel wok.

Stainless Steel wok are made up of with heavy material so they take time to respond to the heating but once its heated they are good in retaining the heat.

Stainless Steel wok is long- lasting and most are dishwasher safe. Stainless Steel wok don’t need much seasoning so some of the foods may stick while cooking

Non-Stick Wok

If you are thinking to reduce the fat intake than Non Stick wok is the great option as they don’t need much seasoning and they are also easy in cleaning.

  Non stick wok is not good in retaining the heat so you will not get the same results in the cooking as in the traditional wok for some of the dishes.

Important Things to consider for Buying Wok

Material – the first important thing to consider is the material of the wok traditional cast-iron wok is mostly recommended.

Size – the size of the wok is another important factor when buying the new wok normally 30cm-35cm wok is considered as an ideal wok for the house hold use.

Bottom– wok with ground bottom is good to buy as they conduct the heat more quickly and evenly but if you have electric stove than the flat bottom is more recommend.

Handles – Wok with stick handles are more preferable as they are easy to hold and you can toss your food easily.  

Before you are going to start shopping for the new wok you can take a look at our top picks based on the users review and testing to choose the right one for your kitchen.


Normally it is considered that wok can only be used for the stir frying but in addition to that this wok can also be used for the deep frying or even making some delicious soups as well.

This steel wok is also suitable for the open fire and you can take it outside the home when going for some adventure with your family or friends.

This carbon steel wok needs some seasoning and maintenance to avoid it from the rusting.

The best way is to keep it oiled always before and after using it. Because of its round bottom it is not suitable for the flat induction stove.

Its steel helper with wooden handle makes it more easy to use while cooking not to worry about the burn even over the high heat.


Tafal is well known manufacturer for the kitchen items who have started a Thermo Spot technology.

This heat indicator actually works by changing to its normal red color to the solid red color when this wok has reached the optimum cooking.

This Wok is made with the high quality stainless steel which makes it more durable and you can have this wok in your kitchen for longer life.

This Wok is induction compatible, and its non stick coating make easier for fantastic food release.

Once cooking has finished for quick, convenient cleaning this Wok is safe for dishwasher.

The impact bonded of base of stainless-steel and aluminum this Wok conduct and hold the heat evenly which gives you great results in your cooking.

The magnetic stainless steel outer layer makes assure that this wok can be used with kinds of hobs even inductions.   


This Wok is made from the carbon steel which makes fast and even heating when you are cooking.

This Wok is really durable because of its high quality temperature resistance and its oven safe up to 550 F.

Its detachable handles made it more convenient for the oven use and easy storage. Its wooden handle makes tight and comfortable grip even on high temperature.

This beautiful designed Wok can be used for electric, induction, gas or any other stove. A glass lid with the steam vent makes viewing inside the food easier while cooking.


This Wok is an excellent choice for Chinese and other Asian dishes; it can be used for boiling, searing deep frying or even steaming.

This Wok is large enough to cook the meals for the whole family.

Its stylish and black enamel nonstick coating means you have not to worry about the sticking and burning of your food.

Its glass lid make easier for you to keep an eye what you are cooking. This wok is suitable for all kinds of heat sources including gas, electric, induction, or even solid fuel.

This Wok is easy to cleanup and is dishwasher safe, so once you had done with your cooking you can simply put it in the dishwasher to make it ready for the next use.


This Wok is ideal for the home and commercial use, which is made up of thick carbon steel; its non stick stainless steel allows you to use any kind of metal utensils. 

This Wok is ideal for the all kinds of high temperature cooking. The durable quality of this stainless steel  Wok makes it dishwasher safe and compatible with the induction hobs.

This Wok comes with the 10 years guarantee from the Master Class.


This Wok is an ideal the family meals as you can prepare healthier meals using little oil for your cooking.

This Wok is made from the high quality hard stone which boasts an improved non-stick performance.

This Wok is crafted from four layers of POFA free material for the long lasting quality meaning that no harmful chemical are released during the cooking.

The scratch and corrosion free makes this Wok ideal to use any kind of utensils and make your life more comfortable. You can use this Wok with all kinds of stove top including Gas, Induction, etc.


The Hudson Non Stick Wok is a great choice for your kitchen as it’s made up of Non stick marble material so it’s good alternative to the frequently used chemical found alternative appliances in your kitchen.

You will keep your natural taste of the ingredients of your favorite meals longer by using this Wok.

Its solid glass lid provides a clear window gives you viewing option while cooking your tasty meals.

The lid is also stand able because of its knob and prevents you from picking up bacteria.

The knob is ergonomically designed and the handle stays cool while cooking, allowing for burn-free and easy handling.

This Wok has stainless steel base which absorbs the heat very quickly and evenly which makes it more perfect for your meal.

Haufson Wok with one long handle is comfortable and safe to hold. It is designed with long-stick stay-cool handle that keeps hand safe, away from heat and makes this product easier to toss stir-fries.

Final Words

It’s good to use oil with high smoke point like sun flower or vegetable. Store your with piece of some kitchen roll inside to have safe it from the scratches and damages.

Once you have used to the wok it will become your favorite piece among the other cookware.

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