How to Descale Nespresso Vertuo Next

Nespresso virtuous machine are really convenient machine is an innovative single serve coffee and espresso machine by which you can brew the favorite coffee in matter on seconds. This machine can brew three different types of cup sizes with just touch of button The Nespresso provides smooth hot or cold milk froth for your coffee recipes in a few seconds with one touch. There is no doubt that the Nespresso Vertuo Next is really easy machine to use but at the same time this machine also needs to be cleaned regularly. The water used to brew your pods contains minerals that build up inside your Nespresso Vertuo Next machine so it’s necessary to descale Nespresso Vertuo Next as descaling removes those minerals. If you don’t descale the machine these minerals can have a negative impact on the temperature and taste of your coffee as well as the machine’s water flow. If your Nespresso Vertuo is not pumping water it is because of this scale buildup.You should clean the drip tray, empty the capsule container, and change the water every day. Descaling every three months provides a deeper clean and helps keep your machine working properly.


How to Descale Nespresso Vertuo Next

Step 1

With machine plugged in, empty the capsule container and drip tray and place back onto the machine.

Step 2-

Fill water tank with 1 packet of Nespresso descaling solution and 17 ounces of water.

Step 3-

Make sure there is no capsule in the machine. Close machine head and lock the lever to the left to turn the machine on. Wait until the light is steady (approx. 30 seconds)

Step 4-

Unlock the lever with the head closed. Press and hold button until you see steady light turn off first, and then start blinking orange quickly. It may take approximately 7 seconds before light starts to blink.

Step 5-

Now Turn lever to the left to lock the lever, then turn lever back to the front to unlock the lever.

Step 6-

In this step, Press and hold the button until the light turns off and then starts blinking orange and quickly again (approx. 7 seconds). Steps 5 and 6 must be completed within 45 seconds.

Step 7-

Now Lock the lever. The light should still be blinking orange quickly. This is an indication that you have entered descaling mode. If not, start over from Step 3.

Step 8-

With a large container (min 34oz) underneath spout, press and release button once to begin descaling. Light will continuously blink throughout the process.

Step 9-

Once the solution has finished running through, machine should be silent. Discard the solution and return the empty container underneath the coffee spout.

Step 10-

Empty drip tray and capsule container. Rinse water tank and clean thoroughly. Refill the tank to the top with fresh water and place back on the machine

Step 11-

Press and release the button to begin the rinsing phase. When machine stops making noise, discard the water from the container.

Step 12-

The machine will stop automatically and the cup button should become steady on its own.

Step 13-

Refill the water tank and place it back onto the machine

Step 14-

Empty and rinse the capsule container and drip tray and reinsert.

Step 15-

Wipe down the machine with a damp cloth. Let the machine rest for 10 minutes. The machine is now ready for use.



1-Why Its Necessary to Descale Nespresso Virtuo Next?

Its necessary to descale the Nespresso virtuo next in every three months or of you had used 300 capsules whatever comes first to ensure optimal performance.

2- Can I use vinegar or store bought descalers instead of Nespresso descaling Kit?

No, it’s not recommended by the manufacturer as vinegar or store-bought descalers may cause damage to your Nespresso vertuo machine. Nespresso machines should be descaled with a Nespresso Descaling Kit which contains a natural solution that thoroughly dissolves the scale build up.

3-What should we do if any spill occurs?

If a spill does occur, please make sure to clean up the solution immediately to avoid any damage always keep descaling solution out of reach of children.

4-How can you troubleshoot these problems yourself?

If you’re having trouble with your Nespresso Vertuo Next machine, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the problem. First, make sure that you’ve followed the cleaning instructions carefully. If the problem persists, try descaling your machine.

5- How often should I clean my Nespresso Virtuo Machine?

It is recommended that you should clean your Nespresso Virtuo Machine once in a month and if it’s not possible than it should be cleaned in every three months. However if you notice that your coffee isn’t tasting as good as it used to, then it’s probably time for a clean.


Final Thoughts

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks around the world, and we make coffee in different ways, Nespresso Virtuo Machine is also one of most popular coffee making machine but it’s really important to get the best coffee falvor you should clean the Nespresso virtuo machine regularly. I hope following these simple steps mentioned in this post will be helpful for you to keep your machine is running smoothly and producing great-tasting coffee.

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