How to Grind Coffee Beans in Nutribullet

Grinding the coffee beans is part of making good coffee, but how to grind coffee beans in Nutribullet to make the perfect cup of coffee. Very few of us know that you can use a nutribullet to grind your coffee beans. A nutribullet is a powerful blender which can be used to turn your coffee beans into a smooth, fine powder. This is not the same as using a grinder; Nutribullet uses a blade to chop up your coffee beans, which means that the powder is a fine and consistent. This allows you to make a more consistent, smoother, and finer grind which you can use it to make your morning coffee.

Different Ways to Grind Coffee in Nutribullet


Nutribullet can grind the beans to a fine consistency and also extract the maximum amount of flavor from them. The Nutribullet is a powerful blender that uses high speed blades to pulverize whole coffee beans into a fine powder within seconds. It can also extract more flavor than any other method because it uses friction, not heat, to go through the coffee grounds. There are many ways to grind coffee beans, but the most popular method is to use a burr grinder however, that can be quite time consuming and may not be worth the effort. If you are looking for a fast method, you can use Nutribullet. You can use the Nutribullet to grind the coffee beans to make medium grind, coarse grind, or even fine grind.

Medium Grind with Nutribullet

To get the medium grind fill the pitcher with coffee beans you can get the best medium ground, pulse the blender five times. Remember that the coffee beans should be the same size as typical beach sand. Medium grind is best for the drip coffee maker and siphon brewers. 

Coarse Grind with Nutribullet

Just add coffee beans up to three quarter in the pitcher than pulse the Nutribullet two or three times once you see the grinds similar to the sea salt, your coarse grind is ready

Fine Grind with Nutribullet

When you want to make espresso than you need the fine grind of the coffee, you can do this with the Nutribullet, fill the pitcher with ¾ and run the Nutribullet with ten second increments for two minutes. Achieving the find grounds need more efforts as the beans at the bottom tends to get ground more than on top so, it’s better to shake during the process otherwise you will get the different level in your cup of coffee.

Extra Fine Grind with Nutribulllet

People who love Turkish coffee needs the extra fine grind, you can have extra fine grind with the nutribullet. To get the extra find grind all you need to run the Nutribullet at least 10 to 15 seconds intervals between two to five minutes, make sure to shake the cup regularly. Once it’s done the grind looks like powdered sugar or flour in texture. 

Steps to Fallow to Grind Coffee Beans in Nutribullet

It’s always good better to read the user manual to familiarize you with the Nutribullet by which you will get the idea how you have to place the blades inside the Nutribullet to get the things done easily.

Step 1

Once you are familiar with the Manual of the Nutribullet in next step is to place the blade by fallowing the instruction in the manual, make sure that when you are placing the blade, the power switch is off. 

Step 2

In next step, turn the upside down and fill the cup with the coffee beans and attach the milling blade and make sure that it’s tight, now gently push down and start grinding. Make sure pitcher with mouth facing upwards to avoid the spilling of coffee.   

Step 3

In this step the ground coffee is ready to use all you need to empty the pitcher and store the grind coffee in some airtight container; from which you can make your favorite drip coffee or espresso.

Step 4

Once you have finished the grinding of coffee with the Nutribullet it’s always good idea to clean the machine which can be done manually or in dishwasher. To clean Nutribullet manually you need to use small amount of liquid detergent for cleaning the inner side which contains blade and rinse it with warm water and set aside to dry. If you want to use the dishwasher it’s better to take a look at the user manual before cleaning any part in the dishwasher. 


Which Nutribullet is best for grinding coffee beans?

Although there are many varieties of Nutribullet but some of the models are best for grinding coffee beans includes Nutribullet Rx N17-1001, Nutribullet Pro 600, 900, plus 1200 and Nutribullet original.  

Why should I choose Nutribullet to grind coffee beans instead of other blenders available in Market?

Nutribullet is inexpensive as compared to other blenders and easy in with high power motors with variable speed to do the things quickly as well.

Do I have to fill my Nutribullet with coffee beans to the max fill?

No, it’s not necessary actually best idea is to stay below the recommended limits to get the good results 

Are Nutribullet parts are dishwasher safe?

No, the cups and blades are dishwasher safe but the powerbase is not dishwasher safe, its recommend to go through the user manual to get the better understanding.

Can we grind small amount of coffee beans in Nutribullet?

Yes you can but for the best results of the coffee beans its better to fill the cup of ¾.

Final Thoughts

We all know that rich aroma and flavor of the coffee comes when you have fresh, ground coffee beans. Nutribullet is the best performing tool you must have in your kitchen if you are coffee lover. Over all Nutribullet is affordable which is equipped with the all features that enable it to work like coffee grinder. Nutribullet comes from a high-torque and it is always silent when you are using it for grinding. I had tried to cover the question How You Can Grind Coffee Beans in Nutribullet? So, if you don’t have a coffee grinder in your home, you can do the job with Nutribullet.

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