How to Make Coffee Grinder Quieter

Coffee grinders are a common kitchen appliance which is used to grind coffee beans in a very efficient way, but how to make coffee grinder quieter for more peaceful and relaxing morning as the grinding process is some time really disturbing and noisy. Well first we have to see what kind of coffee grinders we are using as there are varieties of the coffee grinders in the market that includes manual coffee grinders, burr coffee grinder and electric coffee grinder.

How Coffee Grinders Works

Coffee grinder also separates the pulp and beans from the grounds so we can say that coffee grinder works like a food processor which helps to prepare the ground coffee beans and grind them into fine, uniform powder.We all know that coffee grinder is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen and we use it for grinding beans to mixing hot water for your favorite coffee, it’s critical to have a good quality grinder without noise. Coffee grinder grinds and chops all your favorite coffee beans into a fine powder, which you then use to brew your coffee. But we face the problem when this make the too much noise and we want to make the coffee grinder quieter. Well to know how to make the coffee grinder quieter, first we have to see the different types of coffee grinders available in the market. 

Types of Coffee Grinders

Before we discuss the how to make quieter the coffee grinder first we have to kinds of coffee grinders, which comes from manual, burr to electric ones.

1- Electric Coffee Grinder

This kind of machine is also called as “electric grinder” and it comes with a number of features such as auto shut off and rewinding. Electric grinders are more energy efficient compared to manual grinders because they can operate without electricity for extended periods of time. Electric grinders are used to grind coffee beans and other materials. They can be powered by a battery or by electricity.

  • Convenient
  • Comes with different settings
  • Durable
  • Noisy
  • Required Electricity
  • Expensive

2- Burr Coffee Grinders

Burr coffee grinder is an appliance that grinds coffee beans into a fine powder, like finely ground coffee. A burr coffee grinder typically consists of two parts; a burr wheel, which is the part that crushes the coffee beans against the burr and a glass jar, which holds the ground coffee into. The burr coffee grinder works by crushing the coffee beans against these two burr wheels and you can adjust the coarser grind settings to the consistency you want with multiple settings. The Burr Coffee Grinders are little hard in cleaning and also noisy but some of them comes with the different settings by which we can quieter the grinding operation. 

  • Make and Grind Beans in Uniform Powder
  • Long lasting
  • Timer Setting is available
  • Cleaning is difficult

3- Hand or Manual Coffee Grinders

A hand or manual coffee grinder is the quietest of all because there is no motor to make noise. A manual grinder can grind up to 1.5 cups of coffee without any noise and it is a must-have for every home. Hand or manual coffee grinder can be one of the smallest appliances you will ever own. In fact, it is the only appliance that has been developed without any motor or mechanical parts. It uses a simple, but powerful mechanism called gravity to grind the beans. A grinder is also called a coffee mill. A coffee mill is a machine that grinds or chops beans. It uses a rotating disk to crush the beans and produces a fine powder for use in coffee.

  • No Noise
  • Easy in Use
  • Cheap
  • Need to spend time for grinding process

4- Blade Coffee Grinders

Blade Coffee Grinders are the least expensive coffee grinders These grinders use their blades to cut up the ground coffee into different grind sizes but are not the quietest coffee grinders on the market because of this process. They are easy to clean and maintain. Blade coffee grinders are ideal for home use, because they chop the coffee beans with a flat blade they are the cheapest coffee grinders available because they don’t use fancy technology. Blade grinders have been around for a long time. They are relatively inexpensive compared to other coffee grinders and are quite easy to use. This means that you do not have to worry about chopping off the beans by hand. You can even make hot and cold drinks with it

  • Handling is easy
  • Price is Lower
  • Noisy

Some Tips to Make Coffee Grinder Quieter

Now you have chosen the best coffee grinders according to your needs here are some suggestion that will help to make the coffee grinder quieter especially when you are using the coffee grinders early morning and don’t want to disturb the others.

Grind Coffee at Night

If your grinder makes too much noise in the morning and disturb the other people around it is best idea to grind the coffee beans in the night and put them in the air tight container for the use in the morning.  

Place some Cloth Under Coffee Grinder During Grinding

Some grinders makes noise due to the vibration this noise can be reduced by putting some thick cloth under the coffee grinders that will reduces the sounds of the coffee grinder. 

Grind Coffee Beans at Lower Speed

Electric coffee grinders comes with the different speeds so and when you grind the coffee beans on the maximum speed they make noise. This noise of the coffee grinders can be reduced by choosing the grinding process at lower speed 

See Noise Rating of Your Coffee Grinder

Some of the coffee grinders come with the noise rating which is really helpful to see on what speed coffee grinder will make the maximum noise, normally 80 dB grinding operation seems good.

Final Thoughts

It’s really difficult to make the coffee grinder quieter, as it depends upon the type of the coffee grinder you have in your house. If you don’t want the noise of the coffee grinder than I recommend Burr grinder or the manual grinder would be better choice as compared to the electric coffee grinder. If you have already electric grinder than I hope that above mentioned tips will help you make your coffee grinder quieter.   

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