How to Reheat Starbucks Coffee

We all love Starbucks coffee its products are available in more than 50,000 locations in over 50 countries.” But How we can reheat the Starbucks Coffee? Starbucks is a global beverage company which offers coffee, tea and other beverages ranging from decaffeinated to flavored coffees, teas, Frappuccinos, Cappuccinos and iced beverages. There are different methods to reheat the Starbucks coffee even without ruining the original taste of the Starbucks coffee.  It all depends that how you had planned to reheat the Starbucks coffee so let’s take a look on different methods which can be done at home quite easily. 

Different Methods of Reheating Starbucks Coffee


Normally Starbucks coffee can stay from four to five hours without losing the taste but some time you might be busy in your work and not able to take the coffee as you planed so. I will go through different methods of the reheating the Starbucks Coffee .All these methods are really simple just need little of your time and you will get your favorite flavor of Starbucks coffee back.

1- Reheat Starbucks Coffee on Stove-top

This is the most ideal way to reheat the Starbucks coffee, as this method will not make any change in the flavor of the Starbucks coffee. All you need to put the coffee in any small container and reheat it on the stove top and heat it on medium heat as this will protect the original taste of Starbucks coffee. This method may take some time of yours but you will have the favorite cup back without the waste of the original taste.

2- Reheat Starbucks Coffee in Microwave

Although Starbucks discourages the method of reheating the cup of coffee in the microwave as their cups are not microwave safe because of thin inner lining. This can be done by simply putting the Starbucks coffee in some other Coffee cup or the Tumbler that are microwave safe, heat them as the desired temperature normally thirty seconds to one minute is enough for the reheating process but if you need more hot coffee than you can increase it up to two minutes

3- Reheat Starbucks Coffee in Steamer Wand

Yes you can use the steamer wand to reheat the Starbucks coffee, just pour the Starbucks coffee in the container just make sure that there is enough room that the coffee may not over flowed once the steam process is started. Also check that steamer wand all the way to the bottom of the drink before turning it on. Steamer wand heats really quickly so you have to keep an eye on this reheating process.

4- Use Coffee Warmer to Reheat Starbucks

There are variety of good quality coffee warmers available in the market , you can buy some good quality coffee warmer and just need to put the Starbucks coffee in the coffee warmer and can reheat the Starbucks coffee in that and can enjoy the same taste again after it’s warmed up. 

5- Use Toaster Oven To Reheat Starbucks Coffee

First, you need to place the Starbucks coffee in an oven safe container and in next step just Preheat the toaster oven at 300 degree at 2minutes. Now place the Starbucks coffee in toaster oven and heat this for another 3 minutes and repeat the process until you got the Starbucks coffee according to your desired temperature.

How Reheating of Starbucks Coffee Works

Now we know that, it is safe to reheat the Starbucks coffee let’s take a look that how the Starbucks coffee flavor has been created that will help further to understand that how the chemical process actually reacts inside the reheating process. Once you start the reheating process the Starbucks coffee, the chemical reaction of that roasting process starts again and that will make slightly change in the flavor of the coffee. After completing the reheating of the Starbucks coffee sometimes its smell may be gone that is because aromatic compounds that make the smell of the coffee actually evaporate during the reheating process of Starbucks coffee.


Is it safe to reheat the Starbucks Coffee?

Yes, there is no issue in reheating Starbucks coffee, you can reheat the Starbucks coffee either on the stove top or can use the microwave. Using the microwave just make sure that only use the microwave safe cup instead of Starbucks coffee cup.

Can you reheat the Starbucks Coffee in paper cup?

No, it’s not good always better to reheat the Starbucks coffee in Cup that are safe for heating you can use either ceramic or glass cup which are microwave safe. 

Can we Reheat Starbuck coffee in convection oven?

Yes you can use the convection oven for heating the Starbucks coffee but it may not be very convenient.

Is it safe to reheat the Starbucks Coffee in Coffee Maker?

NO, as reheating the Starbucks coffee in the coffee maker is not ideal as putting the Starbucks coffee back in the coffee maker will ruined the flavor of the coffee. 

Does reheating process will destroy the Starbucks Coffee taste?

Most people who had experienced the method of reheating agree that reheating process will not make any effects on taste of the Starbucks coffee if you had reheated it properly.

On what Temperature Starbucks coffee should be reheated?

Normally between 140 – 170 FH would be an ideal temperature to reheat the Starbucks coffee and you will get best taste without burning its taste. Just make sure to stir coffee when you are reheating. 

Final Thoughts

You got the Starbucks coffee and also understand the process of reheating the Starbucks coffee without ruining the taste of the coffee but still there are some other ways to prevent reheating the Starbucks coffee. You can invest on some quality Tumblers that will keep the Starbucks coffee stay hot for the longer time. You can also get some good quality coffee warmer as well that will also keep the Starbucks coffee hot until you finish. Starbucks Coffee is really  popular coffee brand and reheating of the Starbucks coffee may be some new experience for us. If we want to avoid significant damage to the flavor of the Starbucks coffee and make it taste bland, so to avoid this, you have to use an appropriate method of reheating.


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