How to Set Clock on Cuisinart Coffee Maker

In our busy life making a cup of coffee by the normal traditional method is really difficult. If you have Cuisinart Coffee Maker at your home and know How to Set Clock on Cuisinart Coffee Maker, things will be easy for you. We all love coffee its beautiful aroma gives the new energy to our mind, but if the beans are not roasted and brewed properly then we would not have the best taste of our favorite drink. If you want to have perfect coffee drink in the morning than Cuisinart Coffee Maker is the best choice with its programmable features you can set the different types of brewing, amount and the strength you want in your cup.  This compact coffeemaker from Cuisinart features a sleek, compact design, with a fully automatic 4 to 12 cup thermal coffeemaker on one side and a single-serve brewer on the other. You can enjoy the taste you expect from a Cuisinart coffeemaker in a compact design with a choice of both single-serve or thermal carafe. With its convenient water filtration system; this coffeemaker makes every cup of coffee an occasion whether you sip alone or serve a crowd, you can enjoy your favorite beverage. Although there are many brands and models of coffee Maker in the market and it is difficult to choose one as the price range of coffeemakers varies. You can buy a cheap coffeemaker, but you may have to compromise on quality. The Cuisinart Coffee Maker is a very useful coffee maker for home use. It has a temperature control feature that keeps the coffee at the right temperature. The programmable timer feature is a very useful feature as it will keep the coffee hot for a longer period of time.

How to Set Clock in Cuisinart Coffee Maker


Turn the Function Knob “Clock” Set Hours: Press and Hold Hour Button until number begins to flash then release and press and hold again to scroll through the number quickly.


When the required number approaches press and release pulse button to advance one digit at a time. The default will be the last time set unless power is shut off. Now Set Minutes: press and hold the minutes to scroll through the numbers quickly


When required number approaches press and release pulse button to advance one digit at time. To finish the setting time turn the function knob to any other setting until number stop flashing  


Once Auto Off time is set, the Auto off mode will be exited automatically.  Now if you want to make 1-4 cup coffee press the 1-4 button on the control panel after turning on the unit. The indicator will light when selected.


For the next day settings set the Knob to Auto ON function and then press ON/OFF button and release it, set the time you want to brew.

Understand Different Button of Cuisinart Coffee Maker and Function

Auto on

This Knob is to set the Auto on function in the Cuisinart Coffee Maker, once you have fixed the time the machine will turn on itself on every day the time is fixed on it between 24 hours.  


If you want to set the clock function then use this and set the timer on which you want your cup is ready.

Brew Function

If you set the Knob on the brewing function the brewing process will start and fill up the cup.

Auto Off

Just like you have auto start function in the machine similarly you can set the auto off function with the clock timer button.  

Carafe Temp

This knob is used for the carafe temperature you can choose from low, medium and high temperature.

Water is ready

When water is start getting hot and it’s ready to use, the water ready indicator will lit up. Similarly if there is no water in the pot the “add water” indicator will light up.


Final Words

It is no secret that coffee is a huge part of many people’s everyday life. Whether they’re getting ready for work in the morning, entertaining friends at home, or relaxing with their family in the evening, a cup of java is a must-have. The problem is you can’t go through your entire day without having to brew a fresh pot. So if you want to buy reliable machine than Cuisinart coffee maker is   best choice. Cuisinart coffeemaker has several functions that help to make coffee more convenient and tasty. It saves time and effort of making coffee. It also saves water. You can brew a cup of coffee in less than a minute. It saves you time and money by reducing the amount of coffee you need to buy and brewing.

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