What is caffeine and is it good for Health

What is caffeine and is it good for our health? Well we all love coffee and its part of our daily routine life but does the caffeine present in our coffee is good for us or it had the side effects in our lives I will discuss the health benefits of the caffeine and also some side effects which may cause some health issue when we have the excessive use of caffeine. In early studies caffeine was not considered to be god for the health but recent researches shows that there are many benefits of the caffeine, actually caffeine is more healthful rather than the harmful. Some researches suggested that the caffeine must be the part of your healthy diet.  

What is Caffeine?  

Caffeine is a naturally occurring bitter substance which is found in more than 60 plants which includes coffee beans, tea leaves, seeds, coca pods etc. There is also some man made caffeine which is used in some medicines, food, and drinks which includes some pain relievers, cold medicines. So, weather caffeine is taken from natural sources like coffee beans, or coca seeds or the man-made sources caffeine has all the same basic properties. Now a day about 80% of the world population consumes the caffeine in sort of different drinks, the amount of caffeine in different drinks varies.

How Much Caffeine in a Coffee

Coffee is considered as the most leading beverage source of the caffeine because it is consumed on daily basis in all the major parts of the world. The amount of caffeine in cup of coffee actually depends upon the type of coffee beans, roasting, type of coffee and its serving size. It is also an important factor to consider that how those coffee beans were grown and processed all these factors tells the amount of caffeine in the cup of coffee. However, for the sake of reference we can say that a 12 ounce cup of coffee contains 30-40 mg caffeine.

Health Benefits of Caffeine

The moderate intake of caffeine is actually good for the health researches suggests that up to 400 mg of caffeine per day appears to be safe for the healthy adults which we can promote the health benefits including lower risk of certain cancer, brain issues, controlling blood pressure. Some of the common health benefits of the caffeine are


Caffeine is present in the coffee drink is filled with the potassium and vitamins which are highly antioxidants and are great source to fight against different disease

2- Boosts Energy Level

Caffeine  is considered as the great source for the energy booster as when you feel tide the caffeine taken in any form like coffee or other energy drink are helpful to boost the energy flow needed in the body.  

3-Work As Pain Killer

Caffeine is used in many pain killers so having the caffeine naturally like in the form of coffee will also helpful to work as painkiller and headache relief.

4-Wash out Stomach

Drinking caffeine in form of coffee and any other form also flushes out the extra toxin in the body which leads to clearing the stomach and helps in the healthy function.

5- is Coffee Good for Brain ?

Having caffeine in coffee is good for the brain; it helps to fight against the disease like Alzheimer, Parkinson. Studies has shown that having 3 to 4 cup of coffee are good for our brain function like vigilance, attention, learning, mood etc.

6- Caffeine and our Liver

Studies have showed that coffee helps to fight against the liver disease, like fatty liver and liver cancer. Fatty liver disease is very common in which extra fats are build up in the liver cells. Caffeine present in the coffee helps to fight against such liver disease.   

Side Effects of Caffeine

We all love coffee and it’s good for our health but as there is also some negative effects as well when we use exceed to take the things more from its limits. High intake of caffeine can lead the anxiety, and may increase the stress level. Taking caffeine in any form like coffee or energy drink may help you to stay awake but at the same time it may cause the insomnia which may lead to some health issues in future. Caffeine will make you addictive as going without it for long time may also lead to the psychological issues in someone’s health. Some of main side effects of the caffeine are

  1. Anxiety 
  2. High Blood Pressure
  3. Insomnia
  4. Addiction
  5. Fatigue
  6. Frequent urination
  7. Digestive issues

Final Thoughts

Well, we can conclude that moderate intake of caffeine may lead to the health benefits and high dosages of caffeine may cause the serious health issues. Although this also varies to the person to person as well, so having moderate amount of coffee up to 3 to 4 cups are good for the health and when we exceed the amount of caffeine it’s not good for the health as rather having the benefits from the caffeine we may have the side effects on our body. Researches showed that a healthy adult can consume moderate amount of caffeine (3-4cups) per day, and using more amount of caffeine can cause insomnia, restlessness, upset stomach, or nervousness. Although health professionals used to warn us about the ills of coffee and caffeine, it seems that current research has mostly turned the tide to coffee’s positive benefits instead of negative effects.

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