Zulay Professional Citrus Juicer – Manual Citrus Press and Orange Squeezer -Heavy Duty Manual Orange Juicer and Lime Squeezer

There are different models for the manual citrus squeezer but if you want to maximize the juice you’re getting form your fruits, then Zulay professional-grade citrus juicer is great choice This manual citrus squeezer uses leverage to squeeze citrus with ease. With the professional quality of this juicer you will get the maximum amount of the juice including lemons, oranges, grapes, and other similar fruits without worrying about the seeds. There are many citrus juicers starting from light weight to heavy duty from which you can squeeze the fresh juice with minimal efforts, the main thing you have to consider while choosing any kind of citrus juicer it’s cleaning and taking out seeds and pulp (if you don’t like pulp in your juice). Although there are plenty of options available in the market to choose from including electric citrus juicer but still manual citrus juicers remain the top choice for most of the people from which you can get the pure and fresh citrus juice.

The Zulay professional-grade juicer is made with durable cast iron along with the stainless steel finishing touch from which you can crush and squeeze a variety of small fruits and veggies in the comfort of your kitchen. Its 5″ diameter cup allows to be used with various types and sizes of fruit; it can handle most of the largest grapefruit. You and your family will love the healthy and nutritious juices you can get from apples, pineapple, Meyer lemons, and Key limes. The best thing about this juicer is that it’s easy to clean as all the parts of this manual citrus juicer are detachable which can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher after the use. Overall this manual citrus squeezer cans really a good addition in your kitchen by which you can start your morning by just pull down the handle of the device and it will crushes through the fruits like oranges, lemons, pine apple or limes.  

Why Zulay Professional is Good Choice

Professional Grade

Zulay Professional Citrus Juicer is the most efficient manual fruit juicer on the market. It gets the maximum amount of juice from oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits and other fruit with no seeds. Just pull down on comfortable firm grip handle for fastest and easiest citrus juicing while your hands stay clean.

Hand Press Extractor

It has commercial grade hand press extractor that is ideal for squeezing all kinds of citrus fruits including oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes and grapefruit. The hand press extracts every last drop of juice from your favorite fruits with no waste or mess.

Simple To Use

Just pull the comfortable firm grip handle down for the fastest and easiest citrus juicing while your hands stay clean. It’s also easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning.

Most Efficient Squeezer

This juicer squeezer extracts more juice than any other manual or electric citrus juicers on the market. You’ll get every drop of juice without seeds.

Easy To Clean

You don’t need an apron per se, but small amounts of juice will spray out of the sides when pressing, so either slow it down to contain the juice, or prepare to wipe up with a quarter sheet of paper towel when you’re done, and of course wipe down the exterior because the acidity will probably cut through the lacquer at some point. The press essentially has three main pieces to clean – the steel press, and the two base pieces (and upside cone-like piece and funnel). The latter two are simple to clean — they drip of course, but you take them out, wash them off

Good Design

The design features an ergonomic handle that makes it easy on even those with weaker hands or arthritis. It’s perfect for anyone who wants their ingredients ready-to-go before they cook up some recipes indoors or outdoors during warmer months.


Available Colors Black- Rustic- Rose Gold – Chrome
Material Cost Iron – Stainless Steel
Finish Heavy Duty Manual Press
Weight 15.06 Pounds

  • Extract maximum amount of juice from the fruits
  • Good for the kitchen, mini bar or pole side
  • Have rubber feet which prevent slipping while extracting juice
  • Easy in cleaning
  • Easy in use
  • Need more space on countertop

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a manual citrus juicer that is easy to use and quickly presses an orange, the Zulay Professional Citrus Juicer is perfect. This metal lemon squeezer stands on its own so it’s convenient to use as well. It also provides premium quality heavy duty manual orange juicing with ease. Zulay Professional Citrus Juicer has been used by many professionals in the food industry. This quality heavy duty product also comes with a stand to make it easy for you to squeeze lemons, limes, and oranges without having to do all of the work yourself. If you’re tired of trying to figure out how much pressure should be applied when squeezing your lemon or lime juice from your fruit, this juicing tool will help solve that problem. The Zulay Professional Citrus Juicer is a metal lemon squeezer that will last you for years to come. Its heavy-duty design and polished finish are unmatched in the world of manual juicers, making it an excellent addition to any kitchen.

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